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Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Restoration and Construction company servicing Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, and all the surrounding Maricopa County areas, many satisfied customers have submitted letters of thanks, and some greatly appreciated JPS RESTORATION AND CONSTRUCTION services. 

Eric DeBaets

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in recommendation of Jeff Shearon
 and JPS Properties. I first meet Jeff & Gabe on April 17th 2008 when I
received a phone call from the construction supervisor of my new home
build that water was running out of my front door, garage door and even
my walls. We were set to move into our new home on April 20th, however,
disaster struck and a water incident flooded our entire upper floor and
ruined both the up and downstairs floor & ceilings, wall, etc of our
brand new home. To say the least it was devastating. I have never in my
life experienced such a situation and had absolutely no idea on how or
what to do. Fortunately for us, the supervisor who called me helped us
contact a company to immediately clean up the mess, and also recommended
Gabe and Jeff Shearon as contractors to inquire with to
repair the damage, as I had NO idea how or who to contact and his
referral turn out to be a life saver.

I immediately called Gabe and within 45 minutes he
arrived at the 'scene'. I was immediately impressed, 
and as we walked thru the damaged home, he was very
professional and very honest in his assessment of the damage. I found him
to be very trust worthy and, while I did not mention at the time, I have,
in years earlier, worked in some construction myself, and knew
immediately when he pointed out unseen but undoubtedly necessary repairs
that would be needed and also things that, on the surface may seem all
lost, reassured us it was not a worry and most likely not a concern for
us. The reason I mention these details, is because I know in this day and
age, whether it is mechanical, construction, electrical, or anything that
depends on an outside source for repair, the danger of scams and fraud
are a very real concern. In a short time I knew I would not have this
concern with Jeff and Gabe.

Not only did I hire them for the repairs, but I could not place greater
emphasis on how professional, accurate, timely, courteous and
conscientious they have been. I am 58 and disabled, my wife too is
disabled, we have our son and his 2 grandchildren with us whom we take
care of while he works, so to say that I had very little time to
supervise somebody every moment is an understatement. And to my happy
surprise, it was NEVER a concern, not only did the give me a day and date
they were going to start work and what would be accomplished and when,
they kept that schedule, called me on a regular basis to update me on the
progress, and even resolved other problems (I mention this because the
type of problems that arose where separate and apart form the water
damage) and had made arrangements for them to be handled when they came
upon them and when they informed me of what had arose, to my surprise and
delight they had made remedy on them also. I cannot express enough the
gratitude I have for these two and the extent of their help and very fast
repairs. They literally made a disaster in ours lives at a critical time
come to be a glitch in the road, our family actually were able to (even
though it was a hotel room for a few weeks) relax and enjoy ourselves
with greatly reduced pressure and anxiety while our home was in the very
capable and trustworthy hands of Jeff Shearon.

In closing, please understand, all that I have written  I
feel is understated, I cannot express in words my gratitude for all they
did for us and in the time they did it. I feel I must mention to as to
their honesty and professionalism, a few days before completion and day
to move in, we came by our home to drop some things off, we were checking
the progress and saw the kitchen cabinets and countertop had been
installed, to my amazement, on the corner of the countertop was a note
with an arrow to a very (and seemingly insignificant, to me anyway) small
defect in the new countertop. Also a note was placed there that stated a
new top had been ordered and would arrive in time for our move in, which
it did and was replaced in time also. but my point of this is, as I
inspected the 'imperfection", it occurred to me, the imperfection was in
a place that was not seen from the top, and was barely visible even when
you knew where to look and had they simply taken a bit of superglue and
'repaired' it, we would have never known that the 'imperfection' was ever
there. THAT absolutely sealed for me that I was dealing with men that
have the same high regard for honesty and professionalism as I do and I
know without a doubt, any would be hard pressed if not an impossible task
to find more capable, competent, reliable, professional and honest men
than Jeff Shearon and Gabe. I will also add, with ALL
the work they had to do, we have not had even ONE situation where we have
had to have them come back a repair or redo, THAT is also an amazing
fact. Know this, any future work, repair or construction we need done,
will be done by these men if they are of the same mind. I GREATLY
appreciate all that JPS Properties have done for us and know any that place their trust
in them will not be disappointed.

Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions in regards to
this recommendation

Eric DeBaets
Florence, AZ, 85232
June 28, 2008

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